Why Do People Fail To Get Good At Golf

Why You Fail To Get Good At Golf

why you fail to get good at golf

Ever wondered why do people fail to get good at golf ….. many people who play this game have something called “ego” why is that……

Maybe its because its hard? Maybe its because people “think” they should be better than they are?

I believe most people and this IMO, they will not accept its hard and play with no expectations. We all want to play well but as we know golf is hard we should not expect to hit the best shots all the time.

Too many people do not think logically and understand the basics of the golf swing. By simply studying the swing on videos they should be able to copy the basics. It really isn’t that hard to master the very basics and score 90-95 easily!

One way of helping yourself to be like this is to enjoy that you are CAN play, it costs money and time and you probably know that IF you take the whole world there are only …..

24.2 million people
played golf – both on-course and off-course – in 2018.

and 7.7B people in the world

So in that respect you are very privileged to be playing golf.

Next when you play you are enjoying the best views, countryside, maybe a beautiful drive to the course, the anticipation of how you will play ALL are very good for mind and health.

Also you should be satisfied that you have played that day and enjoy the good parts of the game and not dwell on any bad shots.

Love the process and the game will reward you.

Would you like some new clubs?

This is a very interesting article on how being Happy on the course will result in better golf.

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