Who Am I and Why Play Better Golf With Less Practice Is Possible

I had no idea that play better golf with less practice could be possible. I have played golf sort of properly ha ha! since 1982.

Having picked up my first club around 1974 when my brother-in-law lent me one to try. I hit some balls at Thorpe Green near Virginia Water.

The seed was planted!

Golf did not take over my life for a few years as I had developed a passion for rally driving. That took up all my time and energy until the cost became prohibitive.

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I then played a round of golf with some friends at Southwood Golf Course Farnborough around 1981, it was then that the seed which had been planted at Thorpe Green started to grow.

So from 1982 I can say I have been a passionate golfer and have played all over the world. Turned Pro at 56 years young!  Then returned to Am status in 2017.

Right now a young 64 and very close to 65, with knowledge and experience from many years of golf I know how to play better golf without practice.

Having first ventured onto an unknown golf course with a good friend on a foggy morning in Hampshire and heard my ball hitting the roof of a house down the right of the first hole I was hooked.

Caught and trapped by the feeling of trying to control what I was doing with the golf club and hitting the ball towards a green in the distance.

The emotional feelings one goes through when things don’t go as your mind anticipated was a challenge, still is and I love it.

The information here is not necessarily anything new BUT there will be tips and advice that WILL help someone.

IF I can help one person find the secret to enjoying their golf and free of “what Ifs” then I will have achieved what I set out to do. They will then leave the course happy and understanding the process.

But I am sure there will be a lot more than one!

Plus by having no “what Ifs” you will also be scoring better with a lot less frustration and practice (that is if you have a basic understanding of a good golf swing and all round game)

Take some time to understand why you play golf and if you have ever asked yourself the questions below;

  • what do I want from the game?
  • just a good walk and to enjoy the outdoors?
  • do I want to compete with myself and see how good I can get?
  • do I just want to play and have fun with friends and don’t care how I play?
  • I want to become a Pro and compete against the best in the world
  • I am a Pro but there is always one thing that stops me from breaking through

Competing against yourself is the biggest challenge and the more you play this game the more you find out about yourself…

For now think about your golf

  • what is it that frustrates you
  • do you have the same issues when playing
  • are they mental or physical

YOU are the only one who knows

My story will go into how I started golf, where I played, right up to when I qualified for the Senior Open in 2015.

You can contact me anytime by email or social media and check out the Facebook Group

Happy golfing and Happy life to you all and remember you can play better golf with less practice!

Robin MindvGolf

Insanity – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


How many times have you said, it was going well and i just lost focus ….. It doesn’t matter its only a game, I know what to do next time…….

What happens next time ………….

Well make a decision and give yourself a change not a chance – Simple advice will help you score better, its not hard its easy!

Time to make some changes – Its not difficult – Enter your details and look forward to no more “IF Only” moments.