New Golf Clubs | Post Covid

Time To Get A New Set Of Clubs

So its post Covid 19 and you are planning to get out on the course and looking forward to the feeling of a great swing and contact with the ball. Sure that is what we all want, would a new golf clubs make a difference? Always great to have something new especially golf clubs eh!

Pro Shop

Which Clubs Would I Choose

I have always used Titleist however looking around, Callaway have come a long way and there are many tour players using them now and they have a great range to choose from, check out their website.

I found the Mavrik Max to be the ones I liked, they look awesome and have great reviews. The price is amazingly good too, so having been a Titleist player for a long time I have decided to change and get ready for my first post Covid round of golf with a new set of clubs!

How Will I Play And Score

The way I think now is score is secondary, playing a round of golf where you hit the shots you want to and making some putts is the priority. If that happens the score will be good new clubs or old. I know that I will be feeling good with a new set of clubs in my hand that’s for sure, I’m sure you will too 🙂

When was the last time you replaced your clubs? We often do it when we have seen the technology changing so much and the clubs just look outdated, the manufactures are always changing the clubs as they will not stay in business if they stop. As soon as I can get onto the course I will be picking up my set from the Pro shop and will go straight to the course with no worries about hitting them on the range first, I have made the decision.

How Will You Dress

With all the restrictions that are being mentioned the main item you will have to wear is more than likely a face mask, especially in Asia, not sure whether UK and USA will enforce this, time will tell.

I always like to wear a nice new shirt, nothing better, looking good when golfing with the right clothes make you feel better yeah? I think so, but can they help you play how you would like to? they will definitely help as you will be positive and looking sharp.

Summer is close so nice pair of shorts for men or women, feel casual and cool in a nice pair which compliment the shirt, gotta be done.

Dress Smart Play Great!

Where Will You Go For A New Set Of Clubs

A lot of people will go to their pro shop at the club, PGA Superstore or maybe buy online – this is normally only after they have tried them somewhere like a golf shop at a driving range.

But what IF you could win a set well there is a possibility (for people in the US only) so why don’t you give it a go, nothing to lose or pay by trying.

Callaway Clubs For Free –

Win a $1000 Set of Callaway Golf Clubs!

Hope you are successful, but if not you still have your clubs to get out and play as soon as the time is right.

You ever wonder why people don’t get good at golf, my opinion here.

Stay safe, and enjoy your golf.

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