Thai Country Club Scratch Matchplay 2019

Thai Country Club Matchplay Champion

2019 Thai CC Scratch Matchplay Champ

MindvGolf are proud to announce that Will Shoenfield won the Thai Country Club scratch matchplay in convincing style with a 5 up 4 to play win and said the following;

“Zen Golf and MindvGolf helped me focus on playing golf like I know I can, no tantrums, no bad self talk. All was positive and I focused on one shot at a time. I always new I was in control and playing Thai Country Club from the black tees is always tough but also fun. I didn’t really make any errors and it felt good to be calm on the golf course. Getting upset with one bad shot during a round happened often, but today everything slotted into place and I was never in doubt what the outcome would be”.

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How Golf Challenges You

We at MindvGolf are over the moon with the positivity and calmness that Will showed during the final. He has been playing very well of late and a win near the end of 2019 is a fitting end to an interesting year of golf.

Golf is such a “fickle” game love it or hate it. You are treated by the golfing Gods the way you think and your attitude. You go out with good thoughts and respect for everything around you and great things can happen. Work on yourself more than you work on your swing. This will make your swing better as you are positive, feeling good and have no expectations.

Do you want to improve your game with no practice?

Contact MindvGolf and we can discuss your challenges and change your game – Mind first!

Lets look forward to a new year and some great golf for everyone who loves the game. Passion is always a winner!

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