Freedom Of Mind

Freedom Of Mind

Freedom of Mind

We all have the ability to day dream, go off into a trance and not hear what someone is saying. We are oblivious to understanding how we do things without thinking. Freedom of Mind allows you to do complex actions. Like the golf swing and achieve a lot satisfaction! So how can we turn this to our benefit with the game of golf?

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What Is Freedom Of Mind

“Thinking or not thinking, both always perfect, neither ever stepping from the ground.”

Zen saying.

Mind wandering, task-independent thought, spontaneous thinking, free associating, creative imagining are some of the terms used to describe what occurs to our mind when we notice its functioning, or when we allow it the freedom to be in its natural condition: open, aware and spontaneously fluid. From Frontiers in Psychology

Freedom Of Mind is the ultimate goal when playing golf. It will help to stop self sabotage. Golf can be a difficult game with a lot of moving body parts making up the golf swing. Coordination is important to achieve the desired swing.

IF you think of nothing just before the swing is started then the swing is normally a good one. However apprehension of what may happen such as the ball going left, right or no where can play havoc on us all.

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How To Start Gaining Freedom Of Mind

Probably the most important aspect is to know how you swing, what normally happens when you hit the ball and why.

Most people when they start golf they just try to hit the ball, not necessarily swing and the results are of course very indifferent. The best way is to at least be shown the basics of the golf swing set up and how the swing should look and feel.

Now this can be a long and short road, very dependent on your hand eye coordination and ability to mirror what you are shown. I always found it best to watch golf a lot on tv so I could see how the different players were swinging the club and then simply try to copy them.

Of course, it does take time but when you start to see good results you then realise you are doing something right and try to achieve the same result again and again. So in essence, swing set up which can be classified as PGA – Posture Grip Alignment plus a good swing tempo which you will learn from watching Pros and copying to suit your own.

Free The Mind

Development Of Swinging Without Thinking

While learning the mind is in overdrive wondering if the set up is correct, the takeaway and downswing correct and with a good speed and tempo. This will improve over time, but one of the things you must do as soon as you start to make contact with the ball and see good results. Is to allow your thinking to stop!

Thinking is really the big challenge with golf, the more you think the harder golf can be. Freedom of Mind will allow the natural swing to happen and the results will be achieved, good or bad, dependent on the basics of the swing being implemented.

Thinking while you are swinging is just not possible as the swing happens so quickly and freedom of mind can only be achieved by keeping a visual in mind of the ball flying towards the intended target. After you have hit the shot, whether on the course or practice range that is the time to “think” and review what happened. It is always best to decide what was good and forget what was bad.

Progressing The Art Freedom Of Mind

These are the words from Brooks Koepka.

When asked how he goes about keeping his mind quiet during a shot

“I just stay in the moment…I never think one hole ahead. I’m not thinking about tomorrow. I’m not thinking about the next shot. I’m just thinking about what I’ve got to do right then and there. It’s very simple.”

Yes you may say that sounds easy but its not as easy as that…. It can be if you think it can be. Some “happy” thoughts along with a definite purpose of where you plan to aim. Will naturally free up the mind and execution will be easier.

Between shots on the course or range its good to forget the bad shots and always remember the positive results. Program your mind for success only.

Meditation and breathing techniques will always be the best way to achieve long term success and there are many options to choose from. Zen Golf, Joseph Parent and Bob Rotella are two favourites of mine, listen to them over and over and your thinking will change and your mind will be free of “clutter” like negative talk and poor commitment when playing your shot.


The subject of Freedom of Mind is endless as we are humans and not robots. It can be very hard at times to just let the golf swing happen. The input from our minds just prior to the shot can influence the result. However, if you are new to golf you need to understand your swing first. Make sure you know how to set up for the best golf shot.

That alone will take your mind off bad thoughts and possible outcomes of the shot. As soon as you are progressing then work on the Freedom of Mind. This you can do by reading or listening to suitable Audio books from the 2 names I mentioned.

When practicing you can easily use headphones so you can to listen to something you like (golf related is good) Results will be better when your mind is eliminated at the start of the golf swing.

Do this when you practice and your results will be a lot better than maybe when you play.

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Happy golfing and a happy golfer is generally a lucky golfer!

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