Covid 19 My Joints Ache Why Is That

Covid 19 Aching Joints Coincidence?

Do you have Joint Issues?

Aching Joints

We may all be isolating right now due to Covid 19 & my joints ache why is that ?

Maybe I should do some exercise at home or go outside once a day and walk?

Especially if you are a golfer and used to going to the club for some practice or playing a few holes or a full round.

Walking is part of your life.

IF you have any aches, pains and joint issues in the past and now think it might be Covid 19 related don’t worry it won’t be!

Exercise For Ache Free Joints

Your regular exercise and routine may have kept your pain at bay and now with isolation has made it come back.

Well that could be expected, you need to make sure you are doing some daily movements that keep the joints oiled!

For some reason as we get older our joints are always where the pain starts and because of that we start to say we need to take it easy and gradually change our routines to help, so we think.

Maybe you started to use a golf cart, use lifts when out as much as possible and generally reduce the need for “moving” so the joint pain is reduced.

What we should be doing is getting proper exercise to gain strength and mobility but the effort to do this can be very hard for people who are over 65.

Maybe something I was told about could help you….click the link below.

Reverse Joint Pain and inflammation.

Yes i know you may think another “gimmick cure” Well you don’t know until you check it out.

Time For Checking Alternatives

What we do now in the way of exercise and prevention of joints seizing will definitely benefit us all, don’t put it off.

Golf and all other sports that need mobility we don’t want to give up and if pain is a worry we all need to do something about it.

Its always after the event we wish we had done more than just “thinking” about doing some exercise or taking alternative medicine.

So don’t think – DO IT – while we are stuck in doors with more time on our hands than we have ever known before.

Smiling When Joint Free Pain

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