Better Golf Scores Are Easy?


A Bold statement “Better Golf Scores Are Easy?” yes I agree, based on golf being purveyed as a difficult game. Plus as the caption above states ATTITUDE is a very important factor to better golf scores.

However there are numerous ways to better your golf scores without doing anything too complicated.

Do You Count Every Score?

Here is an interesting one, when you go and play do you consciously decide “today I am going to grind and put a score together” OR Tee it up hit it and then see what happens.

Maybe you are playing a better ball match with your golf partner and in that case there is no need to be counting up your own score as you are playing as a team.

Important point here many four ball games I hear people saying “So what you score?” and the player says “Oh good today I was only 2 over par (8 handicap)” Truth being he would have given himself the odd putt and of course there is no pressure on yourself like there would be in an individual game.

So make sure IF you are going to count every shot and put a score down on a card you have that intention from the get go.

IF you don’t then you are simply wasting your time and will not become more consistent with your scoring.

It’s a Medal Day

This is the time to have a game plan and it doesn’t matter how long you have played golf, IF no plan you will have a tough time to be comfortable with how you are progressing during the round.

A game plan should be simple and easy to remember, you can of course make some notes to keep with your score card.

These are the points I would recommend;

  • Allow enough time for your warm up, range, chipping & putting, BUT do not make conscious efforts to hole putts, chips etc. be relaxed and comfortable with yourself.
  • Be organised with your bag, clubs, tees, markers and all things you need during the round so you are not looking for anything or distracted from the plan in hand.
  • IF you are playing your home course you should know the holes to take care on and play each hole one shot at a time.
  • Do not “plan” on counting up your score as you play, just right down your scores.
  • Don’t think about your handicap just play and write the scores down.

You will have holes where things don’t go well, your job is to not compound those errors by taking on shots which only have a 50/50 chance or less of being successful.

All this is the start of scoring better and there are many other factors, just some of which I will expand on.

Better Specific Thoughts

This is all about you and your feelings and enjoying the day, IF you can have the “happy” frame of mind and the couldn’t care less attitude you are on your way to better golf scores.

Have you noticed when all Pros are interviewed they don’t get excited about a great round or say what they are looking to score the next day… Golf isn’t that sort of game where you can predict and always be correct.

You have to be serious about your intentions TO YOURSELF but not to make yourself a different person. IF you have been playing a while you know when you get upset and what annoys you so it’s those things to control.

If you have made a mistake, you need to forget and move on as it will not help to dwell on it while you are in the middle of your round.

However if you are new to competition play then you will need to embrace the errors and make a conscious note (on paper) get a small note paper you can slip in your pocket or scorecard holder so that AFTER the round you can look at how to be better next time.

Keep to playing each hole with good positive thoughts, happy being outside enjoying the fresh air and the company.

Scoring On Courses You Are Familiar With

This will always be an unknown day as regards to your score, if you have played the course before you will have a better idea but memory is one thing.

Better than memory will be a yardage book that most course have or the app you use to record stats (IF allowed during a tournament)

The yardage book will help you remember certain holes you are not able to recall and by taking some time PRIOR to play you will be able to plot your way round the course with confidence.

The biggest challenge here is to be sure of your intentions and commit to your decision, otherwise you will start to hit poor shots.

With all rounds when looking to put a score on a card NO EXPECTATION is paramount, I know it’s not easy when you are starting out in golf but it’s the only way.

During social and practice games put yourself under pressure to hit certain shots and keep stats so you have them in black and white to refer to.

You will then start to find out how you perform when a good scoring round is in progress and also when things start to go wrong.

Scoring is Easy When You Follow The Wise Words Of Hogan

Main Points To Remember For Better Scoring

  • Don’t care what happens
  • Don’t care what people think
  • Have no expectations
  • Be happy
  • Enjoy the round
  • Have a plan

IF playing golf and scoring was always easy then golf would not be the game it is, the game will never be conquered and don’t ever think you have the game worked out.

I firmly believe in the Golfing Gods and the more you appreciate the course the surroundings and the simple plan of aiming to play holes in regulation your scoring will fall into place.

Remember to watch others playing and notice how many times they make the same mistakes and also on the same holes, by understanding this you will hopefully not do the same.

IF you are playing golf with a handicap of 16 or more, just by following these points I have discussed you should start to see your scores come down. Check here for more great tips & free e book.

Yardage Book

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